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Beitragvon val » Di 12. Okt 2010, 16:26

Actually, without misusing mines it would be completely impossible to beat this map, as the player starts with a few infantry units and gets attacked bu tanks, artillery, and a huge number of infantry from two sides. I played it once with MK3terraner and it was considerably harder as GIs carry only 2 mines. I had to "cheat" and put a few more starting units to stand a chance in the first few turns until I could research basic tanks and artillery.

I like the layout of the map, I think it's the best non-story map. The basic AI is not that smart strategically, but it's not specific to the map, it's an inherent ASC problem. Augmenting it with scripts would surely help a lot.
Another problem inherent to ASC is that when the map size and unit count goes up, the AI turn takes really long, some turns took over 5 minutes even on a fairly good PC.

One other problem I discovered: once I developed attack satellites, no one can harm me anymore. I don't suggest giving the enemy a ton of anti-orbital weapons, that would make it too hard, but at lest they could receive (or build) a high-flying fighter or two late in the game.
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Re: AI Maps

Beitragvon Arkmorn » So 20. Mär 2011, 02:17

yes I only recently found out about attack satalites - ECLIPSE is turning my whole army to rubble with them on the Karr map :( at the moment.

Attached version gives the AI attack satalites. Fix's some of the problems you have identified.

I am getting better at giving the AI a balanced force. Am currently testing a desert map that I will post here once I have everything working.

Yes its a problem with big maps that the AI takes a long time to make its move. But big maps are more fun so I dont see a way around this other than buying a very expensive computer (or I could install ASC on one of the big UNIX servers at work, but my employers would not be happy if I did that). Back in the day I remember my old 486 PC taking half an our to run a Battle Isle turn, so ASC taking 5 minutes isnt so bad :D
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