There are huge cards?

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There are huge cards?

Beitragvon wowa28 » Mo 10. Jan 2011, 18:43

8 players, rockets, planes and all the rest? Recommend, please, such card
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Re: There are huge cards?

Beitragvon g00gle » Sa 3. Dez 2011, 12:41

there are 5-player-maps in the download-section. I do not recommend playing with 8 different players, since you are going to spend an eternity playing such a duel, especially, if it is a HUGE map!

Just think: Every player takes about 1 day to make his move, some about 2. then you'll need probably 20 turns until the first fight starts. Then you'll need about 20 turns until the first fights are over. means 40 turns. 40*8=320days… one year. Seriously you don't wanna do that.

A 4on4 will be caotic. a 1v1v[…]v1 will be impossible to describe. But feel free to build such a map and show it to us.
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