how many levels

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how many levels

Beitragvon miket » Fr 13. Mai 2011, 05:42

How many levels is there on the campaign? I just started level 16. I hope there arent to many more levels, i want to beat this. Each one seems to get harder with a few exceptions. 9 was a easier than a couple of levels before it. I only lost one guy on the level. 12 was the hardest most insane so far! Maybe my strategy was off but i played that level a huge number of times and only sometimes made it past 30 but not close to the neccesary 50 turns. Eventually i got lucky and the computer placed so many heavy units around my factories that his infantry coulndnt get close enough to conquer them and the computer was to stupid to move the out of the way. The last 20 turns were boring lol.
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