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Hello All

Beitragvon Eduardo » Mo 11. Jul 2011, 02:30

Firstly, apologies for not being able to speak German. Secondly, what a fantastic game! I played Battle Isle some years ago, but ASC is even better! An absolutely fantastic game!

I have been playing the main maps for some time, but have become stuck on map 13. I am desperate for some help.

I have captured the Northern shipyard and transported by MBV into it, but the map will not complete and give me the password to the next level. This could be because I captured the Headquarters first?

If anyone has any ideas of how I can get the level to finish or give me the password for Level 13 I would be very grateful.

Also, after completing these can anyone suggest where I can download some other campaigns?

Many thanks!
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Re: Hello All

Beitragvon grothesk » Mo 11. Jul 2011, 12:21

Hello and welcome,

As far as I remember, you only have to place the MBV in front of the shipyard (there are some AT-mines placed into this small area).

There's a second campaign called KAMOR included in asc and the download area of the pbp page keeps also a campaign (from Michael Ginter).
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Re: Hello All

Beitragvon ehemaliger User » Mo 11. Jul 2011, 21:25

One more! :-)

Watch the thread of "Retro" there are some good infos in!
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Re: Hello All

Beitragvon Retro » Di 12. Jul 2011, 00:32

Hi, I'm probably way less experienced in all this than you are, but I thought I would drop by to say hello anyway :)
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