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Beitragvon Madlock » Fr 9. Dez 2011, 03:31

Is it true that the undo is legal? This makes using of mines is completely different than it first seemed. Same about fog of war. Do I really have to "check and undo" every hex in my aircraft and ship range?

I have some ideas:
Make mines visible for every unit.
Show real fog on map that means with containing every posibble move of every unit, (must take into consideration of using deacoys for reaction fire and mines).
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Re: Ctrl+z

Beitragvon Snake » Fr 9. Dez 2011, 10:16

Indeed, the use of undo is legal. If we made it illegal, it would be pointless because you
could never prove the use of it. If the feature was removed (again ... it's not that new),
people would use saves (as they'd done before the invention of undo).

As for your suggestions, I don't really get it right. Could you please explain?
You will always need "decoys" for RF. Also for mines if you don't have some unit
available which can remove mines.
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Re: Ctrl+z

Beitragvon g00gle » Fr 9. Dez 2011, 15:38

what he means is, that he wants the view increased or displayed for every possible move like scouting.
So he has not to do the scouting-moves anymore.

I am against this idea, since it would mean long calculation time of all possible moves etc, and it would make determining, which unit can be fired upon worse.

btw. this is the real fog, since you have to develop your own idea for getting the view you need for your Artillery.
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